Bar Inventory

Take inventory in 20 minutes across your entire restaurant or bar.

Fly through inventory by matching shelf to app.

Scan barcode UPCs to ensure accuracy and speed.

Inventory in multiple locations and see your counts in real-time.



Order for your entire bar without a single text, email or call.

Shop from a single order form or order smart by par.

Bevager builds the orders for each vendor.

Place orders to your suppliers sales rep by text, email and Bevager order.


Accounts Payable

Stay on top of your invoices while never having to code them again.

We'll digitize the invoice, add new items to inventory and send the GL coded bill direct to your accounting software.

Costing & Sales Analytics

Monitor your sales in real-time and lower your inventory and pour cost by up to 10%.

Connect Bevager with your Point of Sales to track your sales revenue and run a perpetual inventory.

Join the best bar programs on Bevager!

Your beverage program deserves the best.

And so do you - with our complimentary unlimited support, we'll be with you every step of the way.